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How fitness helps with mental health

We already know that fitness is good for our body & makes us healthy but have we ever looked at how it effects & improves our mental health?

I have been wanting to write a post about this subject before as I believe now more than ever the mental state of people is at an all time low. With myself included in that, but this isn't about me. It's about how fitness/working out helps with mental health.

It has been found that people who exercise regularly tend to do so because it gives them a sense of well-being & fulfilment. They tend to to have more energy throughout the day & sleep better at night.

Regular exercise can have great improvements on depression, anxiety, ADHD and more. Helping us release stress from our days, boosting our moods. A great thing is to benefit from all these you don't need to be crazy & become a fitness fanatic. Research has found that modest amounts of exercise can improve your mental state.

Exercise & Depression:

There have been numerous studies looking into the effect exercising has on depression & it has shown that it can treat mild-moderate depression as effectively as anti-depressant medication. Not only does it treat but it has also been found that if a regular exercise is maintained it reduces the chances of a relapse.

Exercise is a incredible tool to fight depression for many reasons, most importantly it promotes lots of changes in the brain. For instance neural growth, reduced inflammation & new patterns which promote feelings of calm & well-being. Exercise also releases endorphins, an extremely powerful chemical which makes you feel good & energised! One more thing is that exercising can serve as a distraction allowing you to break out of your brain cycle to give you some quiet time.

Gaining the benefits of fitness is easier than you think!

The amount of exercise you need to do to gain a boost to your mental health isn't as much as you think. You can reap all the benefits with 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week.

You may think that is a lot of exercising to get in or you may feel like you don't have that much spare time, but do not fret. Moving a little bit is better than nothing at all & over time you'll be able to add more minutes to your day. The more you exercise the more energised you are going to feel & over time you will be able to add more exercise to your day. Commit to yourself to improve & you will succeed!

Overcoming Mental Obstacles:

We've covered that exercising improves your mental health & you can see the why. But that doesn't mean it will be a smooth road ahead, you will have some obstacles, but that's okay. We all get them! Feeling Tired: When we feel tired & are really stressed out too, it feels like if you workout or do some exercise it will make you feel worse but physical activity is a powerful energiser. Studies have shown that exercise dramatically reduce fatigue and increase your energy levels. If you are really feeling tired, promise yourself a 5-minute walk.

Feeling Hopeless: It doesn't matter where you are starting from, exercise helps get you in shape & any form of movement will help. Even if you have no experience, starting with low impact training will help. Feeling Overwhelmed: When we are depressed or stressed it can feel like that exercising is adding another thing to our day. But just remember that exercising makes everything easier & better. If you begin making fitness a priority you'll find ways to add in small bits of exercise throughout your day!

Remember, exercising doesn't have to become a chore or something you "have" to do. It will help you in more ways than one, no matter how little you do to start with, get moving ands reap the rewards. If you feel like you need an extra hand, speak with one of our coaches & have a No Sweat Intro

Go out there and smash it!


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