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How to start working out for beginners

Wanting to start working out but not entirely sure where to start? First things first exercising is one of the best things you can do for your personal health. Shortly after beginning to exercise you will already begin feeling the benefits that physical activity can have on your body. Starting to exercise can be a daunting thought to a lot of people & if that is you then this blog is for you!

Firstly you need to understand why you need to exercise: Regular exercise has been proven to improve your health. The biggest plus point for people is the ability to achieve a certain bodyweight which is great but the big plus point from our perspective is reducing your risk of chronic health disease. Working out has also been proven to improve your mental health & even help you sleep better.

How do I get started?

Speak with a COACH!! Speaking with a coach is great as they can give you their professional opinion. With us we have a starting point which is called a "No Sweat Intro", which is a chat with one of our coaches. We go through your goals & create a smart plan on how we will get you to those goals. Book yours here!

A few Tips for Beginners:

1. Stay Hydrated! Keeping your hydration levels up is extremely important. Rehydrating after your workout will help your body recover for your next training session.

2. Nutrition! Balance is key. All food groups are important to keep your energy levels high enough for your next workout. Carbohydrates are important for after exercise as these will help replenish your glycogen stores and help assist the absorption of amino acids. Proteins improve your muscles recovery, repairing broken down tissue & building muscle mass in its place. Healthy fats have been proven to help burn body fat & preserve muscle fuel during workouts, make your energy last longer. Check out our latest Tasty Tuesday Blog for some food inspiration!

3. Listen to your body! If your body isn't used to working out everyday then don't push it beyond your limits! If you're beginning to feel pain during a workout, rest & don't feel like you need to push through the pain barrier. Be patient with your progress, you don't need to train at 100mph as this can hinder your results & result in discouraging you instead of motivating you.

To Finish off!

All in all starting a new fitness program can be challenging but having goals set out are a great way to keep you motivated. Don't be afraid to start slowly, listen to how your body is feeling & take rest from time to time. Your body will begin to be able to withstand more stress & strain as time goes on. Having someone who can keep you accountable will help increase your success rate 10 fold! So, what are you waiting for? Book you No Sweat Intro Today!


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