One easy way to boost our health and wellbeing

We have one little addition that you can add to all your meals or snacks to give your body a huge nutritional boost. Upon regular consumption herbs and spices can really pack a punch when it comes to aiding the bodies systems and boosting our overall health and well-being. If you suffer from digestive issues then this is definitely for you.

There is a whole world of herbs and spices to explore but here we will take a look at our top 3 favourites. Nutmeg Nutmeg is a relaxing and soothing spice for the body and its nervous system. Nutmeg is warming and aromatic, and has been used for years to aid in sleep, reducing blood pressure and reducing anxiety. A little nutmeg in warm milk is a great way to relax the body before bed. In addition, Nutmeg aids better digestion, can ease gas and bloating and can also help fight colds and flu.

Black Pepper

We all have black pepper sitting in our cupboards at home, lucky for us the humble peppercorn packs a punch nutritionally. Black pepper is spicy and pungent which cleanses the body and provides antioxidant benefits. Black pepper aids in the free flow of oxygen to the brain, helps enhance digestion and aids in the absorption of other vitamins and minerals. In addition, the phytonutrients on the the outer layer of the peppercorn aid in the breakdown of fat cells and prevent fat accumulation in the body. Lastly, if you struggle with depression or low mood then black pepper increases seretonin levels and aids in the secretion of endorphins.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel has a liquorice flavour which is strong but with a hint of sweetness. Fennel is one of my absolute favourite spices, it adds a lot of depth to dishes and really cleanses the palette. For many years fennel seeds have been used as breath freshners. In addition, Fennel warms and strengthens our digesive fire which enables optimal nutritional absoprtion from meals. Fennel can aid in refrshing the mind and promoting mental alertness. Fennel can support the respiratory system and can rejuvenate the eyes. Lastly, if you struggle during menstruation then fennel can soothe and support the body during this time.

Herbs and spices are cheap and we only require a small amount in our meals to really make a difference to our health. Explore the world of spices and herbs and let us know any of your favourites. The best way to reap the benefits is with regular consumption, and to freshly grind them when you can. Happy Eating everyone!


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