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Why your weight really doesn't matter!

Have you ever gone onto your scales after busting yourself by working out & eating well only to find that the number you're seeing is higher than before? Of course, we've all been there, it's a horrible feeling too.

But I'm about to tell you why you shouldn't be focused on the number you see. Keep reading below...

The first thing we need to remember is that muscle ways more than fat. It's a fact. When we workout we are breaking down muscle, rebuilding them with the food we consume. Over time it is only natural for your body to hold more muscle than it does fat. This may mean that you have "lost" no weight or you may have gained some.

But that's okay! The truth is our bodies weight can fluctuate throughout the day depending on certain things, this change in weight can be anywhere between 1-5lbs. The first being how hydrated we are, if we are dehydrated our body will hold onto more water weight than when it is hydrated (Crazy huh?!). Consider how much carbohydrates you have consumed, for roughly every gram of carbohydrate your body consumed your body holds onto around 3 grams of water.

I'm not saying that you should never weigh yourself, you should. But don't rely on that number.

Here's a couple of other things you could do instead:

  1. Use progress photos, its hard to see a difference when we look at ourselves everyday. But having a photo to look back at from 2/3 months ago is a great way to notice change.

  2. Notice how your clothes fit. As your body changes your clothes will fit differently, become looser around the waist etc.

  3. Focus on how it makes you feel. Do you have more energy than before, you're able to workout harder & for longer. You can now run a sub 9 minute mile.

These are just a few ways to look at your weight & progress differently. A 1 dimensional number staring back at you does not dictate YOUR progress.

Keep working out there, you're killing it!!


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